The Mane Event

Every summer in my childhood included a stay at Camp Lurecrest. There my cabin five camp counselor bestowed some of the best beauty advice: it's all about the hair. Good hair = good day. Off hair = off day. I honestly like my hair the way it is naturally: straight and chocolate brown. I dither back and forth about shampoo and conditioners. Sometimes I pop for Fekkai or Living Proof, but L'Oreal, Aussie, and Neutrogena remain staples. Remember my dirty little secret? 

Well I still use dry shampoo and I have tried them ALL. My favorite: Suave. It's the cheapest and works the best. As for hairdryers, I once used a Chi, but now I prefer Hana and my old trusty PINK Revlon. Hana definitely makes my hair smoother and silker, but the Revlon blows hotter, thus a quicker result. I almost always use a round brush followed by a curling iron and velcro rollers. From pinning the rollers to pinning my pouf, I could not do my do without bobby pins. A few years ago my dishwasher broke and the handyman identified a bobby pin as the culprit. How did that happen!? And are we sure it was my fault!?! Guilty as charged. So, there you have it: BLC's mane event!!! Xoxo-BLC


  1. The Hana is FAB! I love mine!

  2. I use my trusty pink hair dryer too :) Nothing wrong with that!! I find bobby pins everywhere.. on the floor, in the toilet (I guess from my pockets?), in the washer, in the dryer....and all in my bags!

  3. I really want to try the Hana, I've heard such great things about it!


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