Imposs'o'lu-tions: (n.) New Year's Resolutions. Love 'em, hate 'em, and I still make 'em and, sticking with tradition, I am committing to them on last day of the month. Drum roll ... here are my 2012 resolutions:
1. Increase my faith. I want to grow closer to God and share my faith more with others.
2. Eat chocolate every single day. As a self-professed sugar-a-holic, I refuse to limit my sugar intake this year. I plan on enjoying life more ... one Hersey kiss at a time. This one should be a shoo-in, doable resolution. :)
3. Say I love you more. It never goes out of style when said to the ones we love.
4. Slow down. Life has picked up it's pace since I started working this big-girl-attorney job. I want to slow down, appreciate life, and really enjoy every bit of it.
5. Laugh at more funnies. Bahahahaha!!! Belly laughs are good for the soul.
6. Work hard at work. I want to work efficiently, effectively, and give this year my all.
7. Learn to say nooo. Ever heard the phrase, "stop me before I volunteer again." That's me!!! Since I cannot do everything well, let me practice saying no, no, no, noooo, no, no, no, nope, NO!!!
8. Pass my neighboring state bar exam. Fingers crossed lightening strikes twice!!!
9. Give more. More of my time, money, and energy to the things that really matter.
10. Travel to ... I want my husband and I to take a trip just because. :)

PS: I resolve to support my husband on his impossolutions too: he wants to learn Spanish and read the entire Bible this year. Can we say over achiever!!! :)


  1. One of my best friends bought herself a necklace a few years ago with two letter charms on it - N and O. It helped her redefine boundaries and remember to put her needs ahead of others' sometimes. Plus it's very pretty :) Great list!

  2. I love #4. Laughter is the best medicine- plus if you laugh hard enough you can count it as exercise!

  3. I'm all about laughter! And I think you are smart to not give up your chocolate if you love it so

  4. I've really had to learn how to say no--I get it from my mom! We both try so hard to be everything for everyone. One trick I've learned for situations is to say "Maybe" or "Let me think about my schedule and get back to you." Stalling the answer in the moment like that makes it easier to say no and also gives you time to think if it's something you really want to add to your plate or not!

    I love your resolutions, especially because they focus on living life more fully!

  5. Girl, this looks like a something I should be blogging about to the T.

  6. Love resolution #2 and I agree. More chocolate each and every day. That surely would put a smile on my face.


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