Wedding Crasher ...

So I might-have-sort-of-did-make my cousin cross something off her bucket list:
 CRASH a Sewanee wedding!!! Here is why: my cousin is a student at Sewanee,
the bride and groom graduated from Sewanee, the wedding was at Sewanee, 
it was on her bucket list to crash a Sewanee wedding, and why not!?!
She crashed sooo late in the night, it almost didn't count. So we made rules:
dance dance dance like you belong and a picture with the newlyweds was a must.
 Check and check!!! She was such a trooper and many thanks to the bride for her blessing.
 It was such a lovely wedding. From the ceremony to the first-dance-portriat to Jason Isbell rocking the reception to the delish (and gorgie) wedding cake to seeing the lovebirds so in love, it was just perfect.
Cheers to their love, laughter, and happily ever after!!! We cannot wait to welcome you to the newlywed club when you return from the mooooon. Xoxo-BLC

PS: It's only fair to admit: post-wedding-festivities, I crash a fraternity band party with my cousin and oh-my-goodness was it sooo much FUN ... and oh-my-gosh did I feel soooo old (I'm a good 6-10 years old than those kiddies). The band party was a good time, but I only lasted three songs ... ta-ta to my early 20's and those late, looong nights!!! :)

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