Hear us ROAR!!!

My college chums and I have been planning this weekend get-together for quite some time and, as such, I have verrry much been looking forward to it!!! A 3:30pm kickoff time allowed us all day fun.
 It was such a treat to tailgate in one spot ALL day, sit together, and spend the whole weekend with these girlies. I don't seem them enough and miss them ooooodles. 
It's so much fun being on our old stomping grounds ... it throws us back to that place in time. 
Just pulling into Clemson, I get the same feeling when I pull into my childhood neighborhood: it will always be my home away from home. And these girls (and all my Clemson friends) became my family away from family. It was such a fun-filled weekend. Is it too early to plan our next get together!?! I think not!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: I had to snap this picture of our packed-up-PINK tailgate gear ... the girls clearly planned the tailgate and did the packing!!! We were thankful the boys did the heavy lifting. :)


  1. So fun! Heard yall shared a cabin with Tara's group!

  2. Oh so fun! The only thing missing from those pictures is ME! :( Hope that y'all had an absolute blast and I cannot wait to hear more about it. XOXO!

  3. You all look gorgeous! There's nothing like reuniting with college friends. :)


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