Smathers & Branson + Stewart = Puppy ♥Love♥!!!

Stewart has been begging and whining and pleading for a new, brighter, and more fun dog collar since this Fall weather hit. Smathers & Branson was his first choice as their needlepoint dog collars look THE best. The easy part was turning to Smathers & Branson, the hard part: which collar to pick ...

... Stewart fiiinally decided on their Duck Duck Goose print. We think he made a super choice. He prefers the belt buckle closure, silver fixings, and leather interior for added comfort. Now that he keeps begging and whining and pleading to go on more walks by Pippa's house ... just to show off his Smathers & Branson collar of course!!! Oh puppy love. Xoxo-BLC


  1. I love Smathers & Branson...I had no idea they made dog collars!

  2. Love your choice! Stewart looks fab!

  3. He looks very handsome! I like the red


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