Sneak Peak: My Favorite Line

When every season of lines launch, I always think ... this line is my favorite. Well, Resort 2010 is no exception. I love everything about Resort!!! It makes me want to travel and the colors always bring cheer to the wintery weather. 
I had the privilege of touring the Pink Palace this past Spring. At that time, the Resort samples were on display. I tried to snap a photo (which was a big no-no-no-no) of the racks and racks of cranberry pinks and rich blues. Think lock and key prints in an array of fabrics. Oh is it December yet!??? Of course this is my favorite line!!! Xoxo-BLC


  1. Can't wait for Resort!

  2. Oh my gosh, so excited! I'm loving the middle print

  3. I like the dark blue in the background.


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