In Puppy Love

I want a puppy dog soooo bad!!! Her jewels would be Sniffany & Co. and her necklace by Lilly Pulitzer. She would not dare go outside without her Chewy Vuitton or Lilly Pulitzer lead. Occassionally, she would sport her Polo. To stay warm on these chilly Fall nights, her ToMUTTo Soup toy would warm her up. Ale and I are about to forget which zip code we live in since we have been traveling sooo much; of course we would take our fur-baby!!! So she would need a Pet Passport for all our fun travels. She would have the purrrfect life and we would take the best care of her. Do you have a fur-baby in your life??? This future-fur-mum can hardly wait! Xoxo-BLC


  1. Fur-babies are the best .. sounds like you are so ready for fur-motherhood!! What breed are you considering? We have a yellow lab her name is Stella and a little yorkie his name is Dolce.

    Dolce travels with us most of the times - unfortunately Stella's size does not make her easy to travel with so she stays with friends or at doggie camp. Dolce , is well travelled ... check out his trip to Florida (Naples area) recently..



  2. I will share my Lily Lou with you! She is the bestest!

  3. I don't know what I would do without my fur-baby, Henry. He is a 9-month old English Cocker Spaniel. This is my second dog of this breed and I am totally in love with him. I have just started my blog, thehandsomehound...check it out!

  4. Scarlett O'Hara Biscotti has the Sniffany's one and it is her favorite

  5. I love having a dog!! When Mike is out of town, I feel like I'm not alone! I we got Yankee the Chewy Vuitton! He loved it. A class puppy toy for him was the "Fur-cedies", a little black car. He loved it!!


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