Touchdowns and Tailgates

Ale, loads of our college chums, and I had the best time cheering on our Clemson Tigers!!!
It really is the most exciting 25 seconds in college football.
The best part, we beat Georgia Tech. Gooo Tigers!!!
I am sooo blessed to have such amazing college besties. We live allll over the place, yet we still make it back every year for the same game. I miss them oodles and I cannot wait for next year. Xoxo-BLC

PS: For the first time ever ...
I am surrounded by ...
a sea of blondes!!!
All my friends have left the dark side ...
and I am the only brunette.
Do blondes really have more fun!?
Either way,
I had a blast with my blonde besties!!!


  1. pretty girls!

    and you have GREAT legs!! :)

  2. Hi BLC, I was wondering why all your sorority sisters are wearing boots? Does it mean anything?


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