I'm in stitches!!!

I am in stitches over these Smathers & Branson needlepoint belts!!! Guess who agrees with me!?! My husband!!! From Smathers & Branson: "Each 100% hand-stitched belt is carefully made with the finest materials from around the world. The threads are spun and dyed in Europe, the full grain-leather is tanned in Asia, and the buckles were carefully selected in the USA."
  "Our vibrant colors and whimsical design capture the simple pleasures of living and will brighten any pair of pants and shorts. Wear your belt not just to class or the office, but also while on the golf course, at your local watering hole, or whiling away a summer day with family and friends." Smathers & Branson has an ah-mazing selection for men, ladies, and children of belts, key fobs, accessories, coasters, wallets, flasks, pet collars, coin purses, headbands, cummerbunds, and, if you just cannot pick, gift certificates.
My husband loves to fish, hunt, and, above all else, Clemson football!!! Thus, I assumed he would pick the fishing flies belt or the shotgun and shell belt or the Clemson belt. But, he surprised me!!! Longtime readers of TCSK know that here I call my husband Ale. So it should be no surprise that he picked the ale needlepoint belt. He has yet to find a beer he doesn't like!!! :) I have yet to find one I do like ...
Among my favorites for is the bowtie belt or the Jolly Roger belt or the Dark 'n Stormy belt for men; the cheetah headband or the coral pattern belt or the monkey coin purse for ladies; and the duck duck goose belt or penguin belt for children. Are you in stitches over these belts too!?! If so, do share: what's your favorite design!?! Xoxo-BLC


  1. I love this belt! I'm hoping I will be able to work up to doing a belt after many more beginner needlepoint projects. ;)

  2. I LOVE their belts, however, I'm learning to make them myself! My mom made the cutest one for my dad last xmas! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. I have been working on a needlepoint belt for JCW for years...LOVE S&B belts! xx

  4. I noticed that belt when we were at dinner last week! SO cute!


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