Stewart's BEST Day Ever

Stewart's favorite two places: the lake and the farm. He loooves being outdoors. Our quiet neighborhood with loads of squirrels to chase just doesn't compare to wide open spaces.
Stewart showed off his "ups" last year (see this post here) but he is still anti-tree-huggers.
If you need a tree trimmer and entertainment, just let us know ... we will let you borrow him!!!
Stewart loves to swim. He loves to swim so much he doesn't stop. This lake visit only involved on jet ski rescue by my father-in-law ... he just took off for deep waters with no intentions of turning around. Hence the dog-lifejacket with a handle ... a handle made perfect for pulling him out of the water when it's quitting time.
He professes to love boat rides too ... but like car rides, they make him a little edgy. 
So there you have it: Stewart's best day ever includes: 
tree trimming, swimming, and wide open spaces!!!

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