Maternity Style

Maternity Style: what an oxymoron!!! I'm just weeks away from the baby's due date, but I'm still not interested in maternity clothes. More of Me Maternity, ASOS, and GAP are my go-tos (and thank heavens for them), but if I can squeak by without, you better believe I am going to try. Stretchy, flowy, and empire waisted have become my best friend. Here is my non-maternity maternity go-to-style:
I love love love this Sheridan French dress (and it's ON SALE) and know I will wear it in my non-maternity times. It's so comfy and flowy --- and I adore the pattern and colors. She makes the best dresses. Sheridan French is one of my all time favorite designers, but I do recognize it's a tad pricy. If you like this look, but want to be more budget conscious, try Old Navy's blue and white maternity dress (as seen here). Fornash jewelry has the best fashion jewels. Jack Rogers have been a staple of mine of over 10 years and I don't see me chaning my mind anytime soon. I've squeezed into quite a lot of Lilly P during these nine months, but Lilly accessories always fit. Dish: do you have any "maternity style" insight!?! Cheers to fashionable pregnancies!!! Xoxo-BLC


  1. I hear ya on the "maternity style" I feel like nothing I wear ever looks cute. But that tote bag would add a nice touch to any outfit...gorgeous.

  2. I need a bump-date! The countdown is on... miss you buckets and buckets. xoxo

  3. you have looked so adorable throughout your pregnancy!!


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