Get Carded

I just adore correspondence. Whether sending or receiving, I swoon over darling pictures, clever wording, and the creativity each card brings. I should really buy stock in Hallmark!!!
As promised, we mailed our Christmas cards this weekend and here is what we mailed. I couldn't help myself: I little Clemson theme just might have been my inspiration. I resisted writing "GO TIGERS" ...
I also send out a few Robin Hood Foundation cards to support their cause: poverty in New York City. Ghandi said it best: "Poverty is the worst form of violence." We can all help fight poverty this Christmas by donating food/clothing/money, volunteering at a local soup kitchen, praying for those in need ... be a creative: there are a million ways to lend a helping hand. Without further ado, from my family to yours ... wishing you a very Merry Christmas in cards!!!


  1. What a beautiful card!


  2. Oh I love that card, what a beautiful picture! xo, LP

  3. An adorable picture and I love Christmas cards that include scripture!

  4. LOVE your site! New follower!!

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  5. Love the cards! You both look wonderful! :)

  6. Love the photo and card! I am really going to try to send out holiday cards this year!


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