We had TO before she said "I Do"

Nest: Broughton Street Bed & Breakfast
Breakie: Starbucks
Shop: Paris Market, James Gunn, and Palm Avenue
Play: In each and every cute square!
Do: Walk the Historic District
Lunch: Mansion
See: Spanish Moss
Dindin: The Olde Pink House
Do: Haunted Pub Tour ... never ever have I ever been so frightened!!! Ha! Even the English Pub looks spookie ...
Dance: Bohemian and Saya
Cabbie: Willie Nelson look alike cabbie every-since-time!!!
Fun: Best-girls-only weekend itinerary ever celebrating my little sister-in-law!!! Let's do it again.

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  1. I hope you had a wonderful time in Savannah. I grew up thirty minutes from downtown but in SC. A good friend of mine had her wedding reception at the Mansion - gorgeous. Paris Market is one of my favorite stores on Broughton Street.


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