Squeak Turns ONE!!! The Decor ...

I have been really super, duper excited to plan baby Squeak's 1st BIRTHDAY party!!! This has been the best year yet. We have sooo much to celebrate and be thankful for - I just cannot believe our itty bitty baby girl is turning ONE!!! First up ... the d├ęcor!

 Our "theme" was Lilly Pulitzer Pink Elephant party!!! As such, we had a the biggest pink and green balloons I have EVER seen. I snagged them off Amazon and they were such a huge hit. They stay inflated longer than regular latex balloons. Squeak's friends were too little to really do an activity, but they LOVE the fun balls. So we filled two baby pools and there were balls everywhere. The older kiddos made "pink elep-hands" or pink elephants out of their hands. They made one to take and one to leave with Squeak (our fridge is littered with them!). We set the play table for kids to color on Lilly Pulitzer placemats that punch out as wearable jewelry. There was also chalk to dress the sidewalk. Getting the house all gussied up for the partay was sooo much fun!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Photography by Rebecca Wesson: http://rebeccawessonphotography.com/ !!!

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