The Roger is INN STYLE!!!

We drove from Philly into the city and my directionally-challenged-self played co-pilot pooooorly and led us to the wrong hotel. And thank God it was the wrong hotel, because when we fiiinallllly arrived at The Roger, we knew we were safe, home, and going to be living well!!! It was worth the detour.
I absolutely love love loved the decor. It was simple, subtle, elegant but fierce, FUN, and chic.
The location was Madison Avenue and 31st and oh la la was that the perrrrfect location for us.
We immediately dropped our stuff and landed at the Mez level for lunch and mid-day cocktails.
Why not!?! The food was delish the surroundings lavish.
Every nook and cranny was efficiently used and well decorated.
Even the staff and patrons seemed well decorated ...
It is such a small world because guess who was also staying at the SAME hotel!?!?
Ok ... I'll dish: A. Liz Adventures and her girlfriends were nesting here too. SOOO fun.
Needless to say, saying goodbye to the Roger will be tough stuff.
This just means we must meet again ... soon!!!


  1. It was a gorgeous hotel indeed, and I still can't get over the craziness of us being in NYC on the SAME weekend and in the VERY SAME hotel. Just wild.

  2. Wow that place is gorgeous! I think I will check it out the next time I am in the city.


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