I ♥ the zoo!!! A dear friend just opened a new exhibit and I had to see it for myself.
I visited right before close and snapped these pictures with my Blackberry.
I played hide'n'seek with this zebra. Shhh! He doesn't know we can see him.
I tip-toed around the lions ... I didn't want to disturb their cat nap!!!
What's the weather like up there fellas?
Good ol' fashion monkeying around!!!
These PINK ladies are my favorite!!! I hope you enjoyed these snaps as much as me.
Chin chin to the new exhibit ... it's zoo-ific!!! Xoxo-BLC


  1. I think we are going to the Houston zoo this weekend! Your pics are fantastic for a camera phone.

  2. I'm a huge zoo fan too! I plan to take the kiddies I babysit to the DC Zoo this summer! Love the pics you snapped!


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