In anticipation of Fall, I tidied up my closet to create more space.
Thus, new additions at  The Clothes She Kept ranging from size 6-14.
Check out the newbies on TCSK II.
Happy shopping to you and yours. Xoxo-BLC

PS: Ale and I off on yet another weekend getaway!!! I will spill the beans on Twitter and here when we return. Off to enjoy the weekend festivities ... :)

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  1. Hope you had a wonderful weekend! When I am off again...I hope to come back and do some catch up reading :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    It has been a while since I've been by...I do well to get one post up a week and to reply to those that leave a comment! haha... but I did want to say hello and let you know that I finally made it to my 100th post! And if you are able to get a moment, I have a few little giveaways on it.


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